Review Program                     

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The Dreamforce Engineering Review Program

offers a comprehensive review curriculum that

covers key testing areas of Engineering Examinations majoring in Electrical Engineering (EE). The program covers lectures, practice exercises, pre-board and mockboard examinations and a refresher course to meet the demands and rigors that may be expected from the REE exam.

The objective of the program are designed:

  • To help students improve learning skills by covering all basic concepts.
  • To improve students testing skills through practice exams and problem solving techniques applying basic ideas in each testing area.
  • To increase confidence in taking Engineering Licensure Examinations by answering thousand of questions and problems.



Daily review schedules.

Reliable review materials, almost similar to Board Exams.

Efficient passing rates. 

Affordable tuition fee, 50% lower than offered by others.

Mastered and well-managed review program. 

Faithful to deliver quality results. 

Objective Master Exams are given. 

Reviewers are topnotchers, top performing reviewees, regional and national quizzers. 

Conducts FREE tutorials and FREE reinforcement. 

Electrical Engineering review only (homogenous, not mixed with other courses) 





in preparation for APRIL 2021 REE and RME Exam



Section 1A & 1B              Oct 19, 2020 - April 2021

                                         Mondays to Saturdays 

                                         7:30am - 11:30am

Section 2A & 2B              Oct 19, 2020 - April 2021

                                         Mondays to Saturdays 

                                         11:30am - 3:30pm 

Section 3A & 3B              Oct 19, 2020 - April 2021

                                         Mondays to Saturdays 

                                         3:30pm - 7:30pm

Section 4                         Jan 11 - April 2021 

                                        Mondays to Saturdays 

                                        8am - 12nn 

Section 5                        Jan 11 - April 2021 

                                       Mondays to Saturdays 

                                       1pm - 5pm



in preparation for APRIL 2021 REE and RME EXAM

Section 1 (MORNING)           Oct 21 - April 2021  

                                               Mondays to Saturdays 

                                               8am - 12:00nn

Section 2 (AFTERNOON)       Oct 21 - April 2021

                                               Mondays to Saturdays 

                                               1pm - 5pm



Review Fee

P12,800 (Whole Course + Refresher and Miscellaneous Fee)

P10,800.00      (Whole Review Package -- Math, ESAS, EE + Refresher Course)

P6,800.00        (Math, ESAS & EE)

P4,800.00        (ESAS & EE)

P2,800.00        (EE)

P4,800.00        (Refresher Course)

Miscellaneous Fee

P2,000.00        (Math, ESAS, EE + Refresher)

P1,500.00        (ESAS & EE + Refresher)

P1, 000.00       (EE + Refresher)

P500.00           (Refresher)



Refresher Program will be conducted at least one month before the scheduled exam with a minimum of 2,000 PreBoard Examinations.


 Requirements for Enrollment

 2 pcs 1 x 1 ID picture

 1 pc graduation picture or soft copy grad pic

 Downpayment of at least P2,000.00

(deductible to the whole tuition fee)


Mode of Payment if Installment

P2,000.00 - Down Payment upon enrollment

P4,000.00 - DP due first day of review classes

P4,000.00 - DP due 3rd week of review classes

FULL PAYMENT - due 5th week of review classes



For Whole Packages Review

FREE BOOK (3600 REE and RME Objective Type Questions With Answers) 

Less P4,000.00            - IIEE Regional Quizzer Participant (5th year)

Less P4,000.00            - IIEE National Quizzer Participant w/o Regional Elimination (5th year)

Less P4,000.00            - IIEE President (5th year)

Less P1,000.00            - IIEE Other Officers (5th year VP, Sec, Tres, PRO, Bus Mngr, Sports Coor, 5th Year Representative (other officers not listed here are not included) 

50% OFF for DF previous whole course enrollee (enrolled within 12 months from the last review) 

P2,000 off DF previous whole course enrollee (enrolled more than 12 months from the last review)


              (Bring Documentation/Certification to avail of the Discounts)


FREE REVIEW FEE for Summa Cumlaude,

Magna Cumlaude, Cumlaude and National Quizzer Participants

(pay only the Miscellaneous Fee)


Group/School Discount

(for whole review package)

Less P2,000.00         - group of at least 100 reviewees

Less P1,500.00         - group of at least 80 reviewees

Less P1,000.00         - group of at least 60 reviewees

Less P500.00            - group of at least 40 reviewees

Less P300.00            - group of at least 20 reviewees


Note: To avail the Group/School Discount, ALL the members of the group should enroll at the same time and paid at least 50% as downpayment (deductible from the whole tuition fee)